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Risk & Assurance

Contract Risk Management

Most activities involving a relationship with an external party will require a formal contract or agreement, setting out the terms and conditions of the arrangement as agreed between the parties. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Various types of Contracts or Agreements
  • Contracts or Agreements with external funding bodies (State and Federal Government, private industry partners etc);
  • Agreements with offshore institutions for the provision of Curtin programs overseas;
  • Consultancy Services Agreements;
  • Confidentiality Agreements;
  • Deeds of Assignment;
  • Contracts for the provision of services (external suppliers);
  • Loan Agreements for the Art Gallery;
  • Licence Agreements.

The Contract Management Framework can also provide you with further information on the structure for managing Contracts within Curtin.

Contract Risk Management refers to the management of risk associated with the contract.

The Contract Toolkit document has been developed, to assist Contract Manager's with the preparation of Contract Risk Assessments, and also contains information on:

  • Contract Governance Contacts within Curtin;
  • How to work out appropriate levels of insurance in line with risk ratings;
  • International Contract Guidelines;
  • Non-insurance requirements relevant to Contracts;
  • Template Clauses and Forms;
  • Template Contract Risk Assessment with Maximum Foreseeable Loss for due dilligence purposes and sign off by Risk Owner for High/Extreme Risk Contracts.