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Curtin University
Risk & Assurance

Information Security Guidelines Whilst Travelling

Information Security Guidelines for Curtin Business Travellers

The following Guidelines have been compiled for Curtin Staff and Students engaging in business travel, with recommendations on precautions and measures, which can be taken in order to protect sensitive research materials, or other university data that they may be taking overseas:

Information Security Guidelines - Curtin Business Travel

Encryption is also a valuable method for keeping data secure and is an encouraged best practice. Nonetheless, considerations should be made when travelling to certain Countries, and t
he following report has been compiled by Security Advisors Red24 to assist our business travellers with this issue:

Travelling with Encrypted Devices

*Note that the above report is confidential to Red24 and Curtin University and is not to be disseminated to any external third parties who are not Curtin University Staff or Students.