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Curtin University
Risk & Assurance

High & Extreme Risk Countries

Please note that the Countries listed below are considered by the University as DO NOT TRAVEL destinations regardless of their current DFAT (Smartraveller) rating.

Should you wish to travel to any of these Countries, you must make contact with Risk & Assurance to arrange the completion of a detailed Risk Assessment and Business Case, which must be authorised by the Head of School, Pro Vice Chancellor and the Provost/Vice Chancellor.

You may also be required to prepare a Fieldwork Risk Assessment addressing risks associated with the travel.

Curtin designated "Do not travel" destinations:
1. Nigeria
2. Pakistan
3. North Korea
4. Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk
5. Burkina Faso

Smartraveller "Do not travel" destinations (as at August 2018):
(please check the Smartraveller website to verify this in case of change)
1. Syria
2. Iraq
3. Afghanistan
4. Libya
5. Yemen
6. South Sudan
7. Somalia
8. Central African Republic
9. Chad
10. Mali
11. Burundi
12. Niger